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ŻfinDays – double bill

An annual programme of short works by choreographers currently in the spotlight on the international dance stage.

  • 18 February 2022 - 20 February 2022
  • From 08:00 pm to 09:00 pm
  • Valletta Campus Theatre

Ochre, Georgia Tegou (Athens/London)

Choreographer Georgia Tegou meets ZfinMalta National Dance Company to create a new work traversing history and memory, ancient wisdom and mysticism. Ochre is an ode to the Venus of Malta and the catacombs in which she was found, and an attempt to unveil the mystery surrounding her ascension to light. The work follows the Sleeping Lady’s journey from the moment she was unearthed, taken from her underground home, put through the conservation process, and finally placed on display in a dark gallery on her own. It traces the steps of a female figure coming to life, leading us through her movement in a transitory, in-between space.

How to destroy your dance, Francesca Pennini / CollettivO CineticO (Italy)

Francesca Pennini’s How to destroy your dance is firmly rooted in the present. Both a choreography and a game, it sets out to explore the limits of the body and create a handbook for the boycott of every choreographic decorum,through impossible acceleration and extreme slow-motion.

How long is one minute? What are the limits of the body? How much can it slow down to reach the most cosmic stillness, or lose its definition and then turn into an ultra-fast wake? How to destroy your dance is a challenge against time with pulp tones and ludic taste. A massacre game with no fiction and no sparing, where dancers become wrestlers of relativity and the show gets stripped down by the intimate rituals of preparation and the destruction of any form of formal artifice.

Age Limit: 5+


  • €20



  • No Pets

  • No Smoking


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